"Pasos de un peregrino son errante cuantos me dictó versos dulce Musa en soledad confusa perdidos unos otros inpirados"

Jun 28, 2014


I would like to make a few comments on the rather complex dedication to the Duke of Béjar:

Line 29: sobre el de grama césped no desnudo,

A lawn with white flowers: Stellaria Graminea

Lines 5-8: ¡Oh tu que, de venablos impedido,
                muros de abeto, almenas de diamante,
                bates los montes que, de nieve armados,
                gigantes de cristal los teme el cielo,

Salcedo Coronel describes the venablos as the spears of the guards who surround the Duke. Jammes believes that Góngora describes the trees on the mountains. I personally agree with Robert Jammes.
     Don Luis pictures the Duke as an heroic man who combats the giants (the huge mountains which surround Béjar), but does not use stones or trees in this combat: in stead he is hindered (impedir: stopped, burdened, obscured, overwhelmed) by them. Another conceit.


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